Filipinos are really hooked to social networking sites.  Before Friendster was really the number one addicted site when I was in high school. In Friendster, one can create a username and add his friends. The special feature of this site was it can easily detect those who views someone’s profile. Another social networking site was Multiply, the target market was those people who love photo albums. Well things have changed, Friendster and Multiply have lost its glory. Friendster is still existing as an online game while the latter is really extinct.

For the past few years, Facebook is the number one social networking site. I guess most Filipinos have these accounts and this became a medium for communication with loved ones and friends. Everyone is addicted to this site. Honestly, I was quite addicted before to FB but suddenly my interest was not so high unlike before. One thing that I really annoyed is everyone almost post their status even that are too personal to share such as their family problems, relationship issues, your gifts that you receive, the things that you buy in the fine dining restaurant or the hashtag food porn and even their outfit of the day or the hashtag OOTD.

#FoodPorn, #OOTD, #HappyKid, #Anniversary #selfie #ThrowbackThursday #FlashbackFriday or anything that someone posts but most of the people honesty really do not care about you. It is really quite weird that buying a gift to yourself such as laptop, bags, jacket or any stuffs required a lot of Facebook users to like the post. Sometimes, I consider it as an attention seeker. It is none of my business.

There is a parody account in Facebook whose name is Donya Yna who always franks her daughter regarding the things that her daughter posts such as food, the place where she goes and her love life problems. Her mom always tells her that her friends in Facebook really do no care about this. Honestly no one cares about it. The parody started from a famous gag show where they post stories that are quite related to everyone in a sarcastic way until it became popular. Before I was quite immature in posting about the things happened to me in my everyday activity. But as the time goes on, I learn to act on my age.

 I use twitter now in expressing myself because this site is really quiet compared to FB where the worlds seems very busy. In twitter whatever I post no one reacts about it because these things are not a big issue to discuss.